The ambulance of the Center for Endocrine Surgery is open every working day and is located at the Polyclinic building of the Clinical Center of Serbia.

It’s located at level -1, room 121.

In the ambulance, first and control examinations of patients with endocrine disorders (thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, endocrine pancreas) are performed.

Scheduling of the first and control examination is done through the Integrated Health Information System (IZIS).
For the first, control and consultation examination, in addition to a certified referral and valid health card, it is necessary to bring the medical documentation that the patient has.

Schedule work in the ambulance:

Prof. dr Aleksandar Diklić

Prof. dr Vladan Živaljević

Prim. dr sci. med. Goran Zorić

Prof. dr Ivan Paunović

FRIDAY (intermittently)
Kl. ass. dr Katarina Taušanović
Kl. ass. dr sci. med. Nikola Slijepčević